Regular Visits at Tall Pines Chiropractic

After being greeted by the front desk staff and possibly enjoying a cup of coffee, practice members are free to use any of our items in the relaxation station. This is an area that allows the patient to de-stress prior to the adjustment.

Chiropractic Maintenance

After the first two visits your regular office visit will take around 15 minutes or less. During this time we will ask if there has been any notable change in your condition, access the soft tissues in the area of concern, provide any therapies need and deliver a chiropractic adjustment.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Dr. Steven Stanchuk focuses on making certain that the nerves and muscles are working well together, so the bones and joints can move better and feel less pain. It is important to remember that each adjustment builds on the one before it, just like physical therapy or exercise. If you fall off the schedule or miss a number of appointments, your recovery will be compromised.

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